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… and I could have never been happier.

Hi! I’m Andrea Barrionuevo, and I decided what I wanted to do in my life when I was 5 years old. 

After watching a TV commercial in 1999 of one of the most well-known universities in Lima, Peru, about communications career, I was more than inspired to take every step needed in order to achieve this goal.

I was determined to become a communicator.

Today, 25 years later, I can say I got it. I reached what I wanted to do my whole life and I am passionate about it. 

I enjoy helping businesses to achieve their dreams with clear, tangible and SMART goals and objectives, and clients to find what they need through them.

This is what communication linked to digital marketing can do, after improving the development of accurate strategies in companies based on their resources and focused on their goals.

I believe this way of thinking is the key to excel in the big markets. 


Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Master’s Degree

Spain – 2024

Investigative Journalism

Master’s Free Classes

Belgium – 2024


Bachelor’s Degree 

Peru – 2024

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