Hello there!

Welcome to my personal web! If you get until here, it is because you find something interesting on my CV and you get kind of curious. Or you are looking for someone with Digital Marketing skills… 

I would like to make you feel like home. So, get comfy and explore as much as you want!

I know how it feels to have a dream and fight against everything to fulfill it. 

Trust me. I’ve been there. 

That’s why I’d decided to take action on this matter and start nurturing my communication skills with digital marketing.

I could have never done something more accurate than that! 

Let me help you and your business to grow in this crazy digital world. 

As someone called Bill Gates once said 

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business

And he was so right…

My skills have flown up on this...

Community Management


Email Marketing



Content Strategy

Web design



Ready to start working?

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